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Who are we?

Who is CoolDirect Radiators Canada?

CoolDirect is a Canadian company specializing in cooling system parts and related products and accessories. We opened our first location in Montreal, QC, in 2006 and we now ship from warehouses located in almost every province, to any location within Canada, free of charge. This enables us to offer free next-day delivery on almost all of the parts we sell.

As a cooling system specialist, our ultimate goal is to provide our customer with high quality parts at a fair price, backed by superior customer service.

In recent years, cheap, low quality parts have become so common, both online and in local retailers, that they have become the new norm, even for reputable auto parts retailers. At CoolDirect, we believe that customers do not always choose cheap over quality and that when presented with a superior product at a fair price, they will choose the peace of mind of knowing that they have purchased quality parts that will fit correctly and last for years, over saving a few bucks and settling for an inferior product.


Our customers come back... our radiators don't...

Because the success of our business model is highly dependent on minimizing shipping costs, we only carry very high quality parts so that each part is shipped only once. This has consistenly allowed us to keep our comeback rate extremely low.

On the customer's side, this means that the job is done once and that no time is ever wasted removing and reinstalling defective parts, or waiting to receive a warranty replacement.

How we came to be

Aftermarket radiators, in Canada, are dominated by a few major players who saturate the market with cheaper "white box" radiators of poor design and workmanship in order to drive down costs. Buyer beware as these radiators may save a few dollars initially but will likely end up costing much more down the line in terms of labor costs to car owners and dealerships, bodyshops and garages alike, not to mention the potential damages to vehicles due to overheating. While the parts may be under warranty, the time and effort required to replace the parts is never covered. How much is your time worth?

Understanding that we could not possibly be the only ones in the country that were frustrated with local suppliers' obsession with cost-cutting that inevitably leads to constant comebacks and an unnecessary waste of time an money, we decided to find the best and most reliable product and make it available to all Canadians CoolDirect does not sell any of these low-end "disposable" radiators and condensers.

What we sell...

CoolDirect Radiators Canada sells all of the following parts. If what you're looking for is not listed on the site, please contact us.

Fuel Tanks
Heater Cores
Racing Radiators
Cooling Fans
Racing Parts and Accessories.

After extensive research and over 30 years of first-hand experience in a radiator shop selling parts to major dealerships, bodyshops, and local garages, we have selected world class radiator manufacturers whose products far exceed those commonly available at most retailers. The radiators and condensers we sell are Koyo and Performance for domestic and Japanese vehicles, Samsung radiators for Korean vehicles, and Nissens Radiators for Europeans vehicles.
As for racing radiators, CoolDirect Radiators Canada exclusively sells radiators built by reputable manufacturers like Koyorad, Mishimoto, and Yonaka Motorsports.