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Long Tru-Cool Universal Transmission Cooler (36 Plates - 3/4 Thick)
Long Tru-Cool Universal Transmission Cooler (36 Plates - 3/4 Thick)
P/N: LPD4454
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Product Details

By using a universal transmission cooler, automatic transmission users have the ability to use our all aluminum radiators with their automatic applications.

Cooler Size: 7 1/4 x 11 x 3/4
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 18,000 lbs.
BTU Rating: 13,000 btu.
Number of Plates: 36 Plates
Fitting Size: 11/32" Hose Barb

Transmission Oil Cooler Kit includes:

• Oil Cooler
• Hose
• Fittings & Hardware
• Two Styles of Mounting Hardware:

- quick connect nylon straps
- steel mounting
• Easy Installation Instructions (no special tools needed)

Long Tru-Cool LPD Advantages:

• Advanced technology outperforms tube & fin design
• Delivers up to 15 times less flow restriction
• Durable brazed all aluminum construction
• Self-regulating for maximum lube flow protetion through start-up, varied temperatures and driving conditions, heavy loads and towing

Here's how Low Pressure Drop (LPD) technology works to protect your transmission:

When Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is cold it is viscous. The unique Tru-Cool design allows the colder, thicker ATF to flow more efficiently through two open bypass channels positioned at the top of the cooler.

As operating temperatures increase, the ATF becomes hotter and thinner. It's directed through the core where it is cooled.

Tru-Cool's highly efficient cooling technology combines improved protection against lube system failure with optimal heat transfer.

 Warranty: Lifetime Warranty


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